Conclusion for deliverable 3.3g/3.3c – Organization of a contest and art ehxibitions

A call for art competition, titled “Volunteers for social inclusion” was published on 7 October 2016, at the web site of Finance Think and was shared on the Facebook pages of Finance Think and Вработи ме/Employ me. The deadline for submission was 30 November 2016, in physical form, at the premises of Finance Think.

Totally 93 submissions were received, 70 of which in form of painting, strip or photography, and 23 in form of writing.

All submission were exhibited 5 times – 4 parallel with the networking corners in Skopje, Ohrid, Tetovo and Kumanovo and once during the mid-term conference held on 2 March in Skopje.

On 20 December 2016, a commission composed of Despina Tumanoska and Marija Samardjioska evaluated the submissions according to 2 criteria (visualization and content), and chose following three winners (the Report on the selection is uploaded in Dropbox, deliverable 3.3g):

  1. Jasmina Stojkovska – category painting
  2. Blagica Takashmanova – category strip
  3. Andrijana Angelova – category writing

The winners were awarded with a voucher from Neptun Makedonija of 6.000 denars during the mid-term conference, while other persons who have submissions received a Certificate as a gratitude for their participation at the Art competition.