Activity 1.4. Delivery of Training to a Larger Group of Professionals, Future ‘Mentors for Social Inclusion’ (Months 15th – 18th)

Within the framework of Activity 1.4, project team organised 3 trainings for Professionals that will be considered to operate as Future “Mentors for Social Inclusion” by enhancing the already existing network of “Mentors for Social Inclusion”.

The overall goal of this knowledge’s transition process was to enable to a larger number of employment and social welfare professionals from various regions (Skopje, Northeast region, Southwest region, Vardar region, Polog region) to become acquainted with the social mentoring model and its respective toolkit. Training sessions were conducted during May 2017, from 29th to 31st May 2017 and 60 professionals in total participated. The individual groups were divided per session as follows:

Following the end of each session, participants completed the respective evaluation questionnaire, in order to gather feedback on the quality of the training and assess their skills’ enhancement.

Invitations (May 29, May 30, May 31)