Activity 2.1. Title of activity: Design and Delivery of a Pre-Employment Training Programme

Within the framework of Activity 2.1, project team initiated the organization of the overall work with the design of an appropriate research protocol, the identification of potential trainees and the work required for the delivery of the Needs Analysis (D2.1b).

In this regard, on 15/09/2016 a Focus Group with vulnerable groups of people was conducted, in which project team gathered input on their actual needs of skills’ enhancement, which would serve as a boost in the process to be included in the labour market. Focus group was implemented in the premises of the organization Public, which has everyday contact with vulnerable groups of people, facing different social risks but in the same time are also very similar to each other, as the problems that they are facing with on the labour market are more or less the same. On the focus group nine (9) participants were present, forming one cohesive gender balanced group (four females and five males).

The data of the focus group were used in order the final Training Needs Analysis (D2.1b) to be developed, and assist project team to better understand the actual needs of the target group and be able to acquire a tool which served as a starting point in the designing of an appropriate and oriented training package (D2.1c) for the vulnerable groups of people. Following the design of the training curriculum and material for disadvantaged groups' pre-employment training the implementation of the sessions followed. In particular, pre-employment trainings in 4 regions were implemented (due to low interest in Polog region, 3-days; 30 participants; overall 131 participants trained)

Training needs analysis

D2.1c_Training package (EN, MK)

Training evaluation report

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