Activity 2.3. Design of Family Support Services and Referral Mechanisms

Within the frame of the activity 2.3, project team conducted focus groups with employment and social welfare professionals.

In particular, in December 2016, 2 focus groups with employment and social welfare professionals were implemented, in order to get input on the new services and to discuss complementarities with employment promotion services and measures and other social welfare services and measures. The first focus group implemented on 7th December, where 5 professionals from SEA Kumanovo participated. Next in the second Focus Group, which was conducted on 9th of December, 7 professionals from SWC Skopje and SWC Tetovo were participated (12 professionals in total.) During the focus groups, ideas for new employment measures of vulnerable groups of people were discussed and the data will be used for the development of the Stakeholder’s protocol, was gathered.

Next on 3rd May 2017, a third Focus Group was implemented with 5 professionals from employment and social welfare centres, in order the draft services protocol to be presented and discussed, so as the final version of the protocol to be agreed and finalised. The final services’ protocol was delivered on 2/5/2017 and it was produced in 200 copies to be disseminated to relevant stakeholders.

D2.3b_Services' protocol

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