Organisation of Seminars for Service Providers

During May 2017, project team initiated the work for the organization of 3 seminars in Skopje. In this regard, a dedicated, target oriented training material (D3.1a) was designed and developed (delivery date: 30/6/2017).

Three (3) seminars were implemented from 4-7 July 2017, with the people participated to be from different target groups and in particular from: the business sector, Centers for social work, Agency for employment, Civil society organizations, unemployed citizens. The total number of persons engaged in the three seminars was 94 and they are allocated as follows: The first (1) seminar was conducted on 4/7/2017 in Skopje, with 29 persons to get involved; the second (2) seminar took place on 5/7/2017 in Skopje with 33 participants and the third (3) seminar was implemented in Skopje on 7/7/2017 and consisted of 32 participants from various target groups as presented above. The seminars were designed in the form of the “World Café” in order to follow a more non-formal methodology, in which participants have the opportunity to be involved in activities that secured their active involvement and sharing of their knowledge, skills and experience and as well building new competencies while being engaged in active learning (applying the learning-by-doing approach). It is an easy-to-use method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in service to real work. It is also a provocative metaphor enabling us to see new ways to make a difference in our lives and work.

Overall, the feedback received by the participants was very satisfying. Participants were fully involved and were motivated and inspired to use the social mentorship as a tool for improving the employment in the country. Certain challenges were determined and put on paper. The process of building better cooperation and improvement of the mutual trust also happened during the seminars. Small successes were shared and celebrated and all of the participants agreed that social mentorship is a great approach for improving the inclusion of the disadvantage people in the labor market in the country. It was further mentioned that it would be important similar actions to follow to upgrade the reached success and work on full development of the social mentorship as official approach in our system for increasing the employability in our country. Following the implementation of the seminars and the respective feedback received, project team prepared the corresponding seminar’s evaluation report which was delivered on 12/07/2017.

Training material (Прирачник Јули  2017Протокол на мерки и услуги)


Training Evaluation Report