Panel discussions

From February to March 2017, 4 panel discussions took place in Macedonia. In particular, the first (1) panel discussion took place in Kumanovo on 7th February 2017, in which 16 persons attended.

The second (2) panel discussion was conducted in Ohrid on 15th February 2017 in which 22 person participated in the discussion. On 21st February 2017, the third (3) large scaled panel discussion took place in Tetovo, in which 50 participants attended. Finally, on 29th March 2017 the last panel discussion was conducted in Kavadarci with 21 participants to take part in the discussion. For the discussions representatives from various sectors were invited: employers, the civil society, education, and the general public. Discussions focused the sensitive issue of employability and in particular on the problems that disadvantaged and marginalized groups face with regard to accessing the labour market; suggestions on how to improve the employment and social welfare services; presentation of the proposed social mentoring model related to labour market access and social inclusion issues and self- employment options for vulnerable groups. Relevant information in respect with the announcement and results of the panel discussions was released to several informative websites in the country (6 press clippings for event in Ohrid; 1 press clipping for the event in Kumanovo; 7 press clippings for the event in Tetovo; 4 press clippings for the event in Kavadarci)

Agendas (Kavadarci, Kumanovo, Ohrid, Tetovo)

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